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Information concerning Classical Osteopathy: definition and methods

John Wernham
Christiane Van Geyseghem

Christiane Van Geyseghem has received her education and has graduated in osteopathy at the Maidstone College in Maistone, UK. Her tutor was Mr. J. Wernham (UK), successor of the Classical Osteopathy founders,. J.M. Littlejohn (UK) en A.T. Still (US).

Christiane is an experienced osteopath who practices osteopathy already for 40 years. In Belgium, she has runned an osteopathic clinic and an international osteopathic academy in association with Maidstone College for 15 years. She has attended other trainings and has integrates these different methods in her treatments whose structural and scientific basis is rooted in osteopathy.

The treatments include:

If necessary, she will apply the cranio-sacral techniques, techniques to balance the aura and chakra, listening techniques, etc. All this is integrated in the framework of Classical Osteopathy.

It is possible to subscribe for an intensive OsteOgenEsty therapy, which implies a profound treatment of the body and the consciousness-raising of the psychological balance.


Classical Osteopathy is a healing science who uses the natural resources and the vitality of the body.

During the treatment, the osteopath performs specific and integrating movements which only need as instruments: the hands... and the "heart"...

The illness and the symptoms entail a loss of mobility and can be restored bij application of the treatment of Classical Osteopathy.

This natural treatment integrates the preventative as well as the curative aspect of the treatment.

The main principle of the classical osteopathy's normalization is:
the body is considered to be a 'unity' that is connected to its 'environment'.